3:45 pm5:00 pm (CDT) May 16, 2020

Concurrent Session VIC: Leveraging Technology for Quality Improvement—What Would Alexa and Siri Say?

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Moderator: Ty Gluckman

3:45 pm

Technology to Improve Patient Engagement in Medical Decision-Making

Presenter: Larry Allen (University of Colorado) 

4:00 pm

Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste: How the Pandemic Will Accelerate Adoption of Technology in Cardiovascular Care Delivery                        

Presenter: Steve Bradley (Allina)

4:15 pm

Finding Value in the EHR: Improving Quality and Reducing Cost

Presenter: Joe Ebinger (Cedars-Sinai)  

4:30 pm

Effective Technology Integration into Care Delivery: Examples from the BJC/Wash U Healthcare Innovation Lab

Presenter: Thomas Maddox

4:45 pm

From Laennec to Digital Health: Innovation and Adoption, What Limits Us?

Presenter: Heba Wassif (CCF)