Look Who’s Attending QCOR

Join your colleagues in the live QCOR chat during during sessions. Here are a few of the attendees from Friday's plenary.

Gayle Whitman
Welcome, everybody!!

Umesh KhotIcon
Introduce yourself. The presentations today are recorded and open to chat feedback while they are playing. Many of the speakers will be on the chat and may be able to respond in real-time. Breakout zoom sessions will be live and will have chat feedback also!

Loretta London
Hi from New York!

Lorraine Nnacheta
Hello, everyone!

 Karen Joynt Maddox
Good morning all! I'm a cardiologist at Wash U in STL and co-director of our Center for Health Economics and Policy. I focus on Medicare policy and vulnerable populations. Look forward to your comments and thoughts!

 Peter Groeneveld
Hello, I’m Pete Groeneveld (@petegroen), general internist and health services researcher at Penn and the Philly VAMC. This is my 19th QCOR meeting, so I can remember when John Spertus was young. I lead Penn's Cardiovascular Outcomes, Quality, and Evaluative Research Center, a fabulous multidisciplinary team of colleagues. Outside of work, I've coached girls softball (ages 7-18) for the past 10 years—so absolutely nothing scares me anymore.

 Jason Wasfy
I'm Jason Wasfy, cardiologist at Mass General. I do outcomes research and run population health at MGH so do things in care delivery innovation. My wife Meagan is a sports cardiologist, and we have 2 wonderful young kids. My twitter is @jasonwasfy . This group means a lot to me, and I'm so glad we could get together in some way. Great to see so many trainees here!

FathimaAaysha Cader
Hi, this is Aaysha! AHA Early career blogger

Neil Kalwani
Hi everyone! I am a second-year cardiology fellow at Stanford by way of BWH IM. I am interested in health policy, value in CV care, and implementation science. My wife and I enjoy finding new places to go social-distance hiking in the Bay Area. QCOR is my favorite conference, so I’m excited for the virtual event this year. Thanks to conference leadership for making it virtual!

Ritu Thamman
Hi, this is Ritu Thamman, cardiologist at Univ Pitt and SoMe editor for Circ Outcomes-will start live tweeting

Andrew Levy
Hey gang, I'm Andy Levy, early career at Denver Health and CU SOM. Fending off three kids listening to Dr. McClellans's talk. A far cry from when I was listening to him on Capitol Hill 12 years ago...@andelevy

Greg Peterson
Hi everyone! I'm a health researcher at Mathematica and have been studying the effects of the CMS Million Hearts Cardiovascular Disease Risk Reduction Model on patient care and outcomes. This is my first time attending QCOR, and I'm excited to be joining you all.

Mike Thompson
Hi all! Mike Thompson from U Michigan, PhD health services researcher. Missing everyone in the QCOR community, but looking forward to a great virtual session! Twitter handle is @MikeTPhD

 Dennis Ko
Hi everyone. I'm Dennis Ko @denniskomd from Toronto. Interventional cardiologist, health services/outcomes researcher. Great to be here.

Michael Ho
Hi, this is Mike Ho, I am a cardiologist at VA in Denver and CU. I direct a Center of Innovation at the VA and am VC for Quality in the DOM at CU. Thanks to you all for joining the conference and look forward to connecting. 

Alexis Beatty
Hi! I'm Alexis Beatty, a cardiologist and health services researcher at UCSF. I am interested in the intersection of digital health and implementation science and do a lot of work on using digital technology for extending the reach of cardiac rehab outside of the traditional center. Always grateful for the insight and support of the QCOR community!

Colleen Norris
Hello! I'm Colleen Norris from Edmonton Canada. Never miss QCOR

John Spertus
I am John Spertus, a cardiologist and outcomes researcher in Kansas City (home of the Chiefs) and it is so great to see so many friends and colleagues in this virtual setting.

Lorraine Nnacheta
Hello everyone. My name is Lorraine Nnachate, recent DrPH graduate and early career professional. I am also a Guideline Advisor for the AHA/ACC, and this is my first time attending QCOR. I am excited to be here and look forward to learning about all the new initiatives underway and connecting.

Kristi Reynolds
Good morning! Kristi Reynolds checking in from Los Angeles. I'm a cardiovascular epidemiologist and Director of Epi Research @ Kaiser Permanente Southern California

 Sanket Dhruva
Hi, this is Sanket Dhruva from UCSF / San Francisco VA. I look forward to learning over the next couple days at the virtual QCOR!

Danielle Daly
Hello everyone! My name is Danielle Daly. I am a population health coordinator at MGH in Boston, and I am very excited to be a part of this!

Donald Likosky
Donny Likosky - PhD HSR researcher and Assoc Prof in Cardiac Surgery @ Michigan Medicine. Focus on conducting and evaluating QI interventions in cardiac surgery. Twitter: @DLikosky

Hi everyone. I am Cynthia Jackevicius, @HeartRPh, academic/clinical cardiology pharmacist and health outcomes researcher from Toronto and Los Angeles (I know, long commute!). So happy to see everyone virtually, but miss seeing you all in person!

 Andi Shahu
Hello everyone! My name is Andi Shahu (@andishahu) and I'm an IM resident at Johns Hopkins, planning to apply to Cardiology fellowship this year! I'm interested in the intersection of cardiovascular outcomes, health disparities/inequity and health policy. Really grateful for the efforts QCOR has made to transition to a virtual conference, and for the emphasis/support for early career investigators.

 Madeline Sterling
HI all, Madeline Sterling here (@mad_sters) - general internist and health services researcher in NYC at Weill Cornell.

Utibe Essien
Hi again, everyone. Utibe Essien here (@UREssien), generalist and disparities researcher at VA Pittsburgh. Thanks for Dr. Sterling for introducing me to QCOR 2 years ago!

Matthew Mefford
Hi everyone! I'm Matt Mefford, an early career cardiovascular disease epidemiologist at Kaiser Permanente Southern California in Pasadena (@kpscalresearch @MMeffordPhD)

Madeleine Konig
Hello everyone - I am Madeleine Konig, the AHA's Director of the Value in Healthcare Initiative. Thank you so much to QCOR for highlighting our work and to Dr. McClellan, Dr. Joynt Maddox and Dr. Bufalino for your leadership of the work.

William Borden
Hi everyone! It's sooooooo good to see everyone virtually. I'm Bill Borden (@wbborden), and I'm the Chair of the QCOR Council. I'm a cardiologist at George Washington University and our faculty practice's Chief Quality and Population Health Officer. Thanks Mike, Umesh and the AHA staff ... already great sessions!!!

Donald Casey
Don Casey here from Chi-town. Good to see everyone online! Looking forward to this meeting off to a great start.

Michael Ho
For those interested in reading more about the AHA Value in Healthcare Initiatives, you can find them at Circ: CQO https://www.ahajournals.org/journal/circoutcomes

Tracy Wang
Hi all, I'm Tracy Wang, cardiologist at Duke, I'm a life-long outcome research addict

Zhiqiu YeIcon
So glad to hear about Coverdell and Million Hearts! These are among the two flagship programs that CDC is leading that focus on prevention and system-level changes of care delivery. Truly grateful for the committee to make this virtual event happen! Great presentations - big thanks to the panel!

Tara Haskell

Hi everyone! This is my first AHA QCOR experience, and I'm excited to be here. I'm with Cincinnati Children's and welcome you to check out my poster (#247) on improving no show rates in rural communities!